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Neptune Oceanographics Ltd is a global leader for subsea pipeline leak detection and has made, and continues to make, significant technical advances in subsea leak detection through a continuous R&D programme.  Neptune Oceanographics’ subsea leak detection services are able to prevent serious environmental damage by promptly detecting the leakage of hydrocarbons - whether gas or oil - from risers, subsea control systems, water injection systems, manifolds and other subsea facilities.
Neptune has developed several new systems that enable efficient pipeline leak detection such as:-

  • Long range fluorescent dye detection for tracer dyes and liquid hydrocarbons (oil)
  • Acoustic (ultrasonic) leak detection
  • Hydrocarbon leak detection - oil
  • Differential subsea temperature measurement
  • MEG (mono ethylene glycol) detection
  • Hydrocarbon leak detection - methane

Acoustic Leak Detection

In environmentally sensitive areas of the world, the introduction of tracer dyes into subsea pipeline systems for leak detection purposes is becoming less accepted.  To enable pipeline operators to detect and locate leaks in these situations, Neptune Oceanographics has developed a directional acoustic leak detection system that ‘listens’ for the ultrasounds generated by fluids passing through holes under pressure.

Leak Detection Services

Neptune Oceanographics operate worldwide providing subsea leak detection services from bases in UK, Norway, Singapore, India and UAE.  These services include equipment rental and provision of experienced engineers to mobilise and operate the leak detection systems

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