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Neptune Oceanographics was founded 1999 to provide specialised oceanographic and environmental monitoring services to the offshore oil and gas industry, dredging contractors, coastal and ports and harbours authorities

One of the company's main activities is the development of techniques and provision of services that enable easy, efficient and reliable detection of leaks from submarine pipeline installations.

The company has recently teamed with Dynamic Positioning Services Ltd of Aberdeen (sjohnstone@dynamic-positioning who provide technical, engineering and personnel support for Neptune's offshore operations worldwide.

Neptune Oceanographics associate companies include:

  • Aquatec Electronics based in Hampshire
  • Tritech International Ltd, Aberdeen
  • Unique Systems, UAE
  • Castrol Offshore, Swindon

The company is headed by Christopher Teal, Managing Director and company owner who’s key experience includes:

  • Over 30 years experience in marine and inland water investigations throughout the world.Development of various techniques for detection of leaks from submarine pipelines and subsea installations using state of the art technology.
  • Project management of many large scale oceanographic and environmental investigations world-wide.
  • Experience in irrigation, local water supply and soil erosion investigations in developing countries for various agencies such as The World Bank, UNESCO and ODA.
  • Extensive experience in the development of measuring techniques and instrumentation for the marine environment.
  • Wide ranging experience in dredging research activities.

Leak Detection System

Neptune Oceanographics has developed a modular Leak Detection System for subsea pipelines. The modular Leak Detection System allows a range of sensors to used such as fluorometers, acoustic, temperature, etc. either singly or two together in any combination.

Pipeline Safety

Pipeline Safety issues have a high prominence in today’s climate. One concern for Pipeline Safety is the possibility of leaks occurring. As part of the need to ensure Pipeline Safety, periodic inspections are required and this will include deploying leak detection systems alongside other inspection tools.

Pipeline Corrosion

Older subsea infrastructures for transportation of oil or gas to shore or ship can suffer from Pipeline Corrosion. A major concern for pipeline operators is measure the level of Pipeline Corrosion in order to estimate the likelihood for leaks occurring and what the remaining operational lifetime is likely to be.

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