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Neptune's FPLD is based around a series of submersible fluorometers. The sensors respond to a range of fluorescent dyes and hydrocarbons and can detect very small quantities emanating from leaks. The advantage of Neptune's system is the ability to detect very low concentrations in turbid conditions with a high spatial coverage using the new family of Long Range remote sensing fluorometers.

  • Detects leaks from submarine pipeline installations
  • Operates to depths of 3000m standard (6000m special)
  • High spatial detection capability
  • Detects very low concentrations (0.002µg/l Fluorescein, Roemex 9022 and Castrol SPF)
  • Detects crude oil, lubricating oil and hydrocarbon based control fluids
  • Real time display on-board ship. 2 channels can be displayed simultaneously
  • Proven solution for riser inspections (remote sensing for safe working distances from riser)
  • Detects leaks within structures where ROV access is not possible
  • Can be used in single or multiple sensor mode for detailed inspections
  • ROV, AUV, Towed Vehicle or diver deployment
  • Proven track record
  • Available worldwide at short notice
  • Experienced operators

"The system was able to detect small leaks from our SCM's, and easily detected a step change when the selector valves within the SCM were operated. Basically it backed up our suspicions, and certainly proved a reliable method of leak detection. Considering the short time frame with respect to mobilisation, the ROV interface and familiarisation was faultless as I understand", - Shell Oil Corporation

"Yes everything went very well. From all accounts it is a very effective measuring tool."
Covus Corporation

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