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Subsea Pipeline Leak Detection

Neptune Oceanographics specialise in providing Subsea Pipeline Leak Detection Services. These services include the rental of appropriate equipment and deployment of engineers experienced in Subsea Pipeline Leak Detection to any location around the world at very short notice.

Subsea Systems

Subsea Systems have to be compact enough for easy transportation, usually hand carried by the leak detection engineer, and light enough to be deployed on a ROV or a AUV or even hand held by a diver. Neptune Oceanographics Subsea Systems have been developed with the above in mind and can normally be installed on a underwater inspection vehicle in an hour or two and be ready for use.

Subsea Pipelines

Our leak detection services are not restricted to Subsea Pipelines alone. In general for Neptune Oceanographics’ leak detection services we refer to Subsea Pipeline, however, these services are also used for leak detection on subsea control systems and flexible risers.  One of the more common uses is on manifolds that distribute the fluids to the Subsea Pipelines.


Neptune's FPLD is based around a series of long and short range submersible fluorometers. The sensors respond to a range of fluorescent dyes and can detect very quantities emanating from leaks. The advantage of Neptune's system is the ability to detect very low concentrations in turbid conditions with a high spatial coverage using up to 6 sensors simultaneously.
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This system uses a directional hydrophone in order to 'listen' for leaks from sub-sea systems., sub-sea leaks generate sound within a frequency band. The computer based analytical identifies these leak generated sounds above background noise using a spectrum analyser.
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Under some circumstances such as water injection flow lines leaks can be identified using the difference between the surrounding and the water leaking from the flowline. The system comprises a fast, high precision thermistor connected through the ROV to a differential temperature display. Any small changes in temperature are clearly seen on the PC display.

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